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Your experience with Yahoo was extremely good until yesterday when you were denied access to your Yahoo mail account. Getting frustrated and thinking of switching email service provider is quite valid, but not that easy. You might be using Yahoo mail for personal as well as professional purpose and simply switching the service would put you in utter trouble. When you can’t access your Yahoo account using regular user ID and password, it is highly recommended to avail instant help from us.

We are a prominent third party Yahoo tech support provider. With several years of industry experience and highly skilled professionals, we ensure that our potential users are not deprived of services. Our Yahoo customer service for password problems can easily be reached via toll free phone number. Our wide range of services includes help for Yahoo mail forgot password, Yahoo password recovery, Yahoo mail change password support and assistance for Yahoo mail password reset. If you don’t remember your password and use wrong password to access the account, obviously you will be declined access to your account. By contacting our Yahoo support number, you can again enjoy the Yahoo email service uninterruptedly. Our technicians will positively assist you retrieve your lost password.

What to Do When You Forgot Your Yahoo Password?

Resetting Yahoo password is easy when you have your account’s contact information updated. If the info is not up to date and you forgot your Yahoo password, all you need to do is to follow the below instructions. But before that we would like to request you to check the user ID and password and ensure that you are not putting wrong password. Make certain that there are no such typo errors, number lock or caps lock when putting information in the fields. Be hundred percent sure about it – even after that if you encounter the error, then these simple tips will doubtlessly be handy.

Simple Steps to Follow for Yahoo Password Recovery:

  • Visit the Yahoo login page. Type your Yahoo email ID or the username and click continue.
  • The next page will show you the ‘Forgot Password’ button. As you click on the button, you will be taken to another tab that says ‘Let’s get you into your account’.
  • Here also you need to provide your Yahoo mail ID and go ahead with the ‘Continue’ button.
  • If prompted the ‘Captcha code’, please enter and click submit.
  • Then comes the identity verification part which is mandatory for password reset. It can be done in the following three distinct ways:
  1. Alternate Email Address: Almost all email service providers ask for alternative email address at the time of creating an account. Yahoo is not an exception. So, if you have added alternate email address at the time of creating Yahoo account, it would help in resetting Yahoo mail password. Yahoo sends verification code to your alternative email address. User that code and recover your password for Yahoo mail.
  2. Mobile Number: Yahoo account verification code (Text message SMS) can also be sent to the registered mobile number added by you. Use that code and click ‘verify’ to generate new password.
  3. Security Questions: If you are apprehensive about losing the mobile number or the alternate email address, then answering to ‘security questions’ is simply the best way. But you have to remember what answers you used while signing up for Yahoo account.

What Things to Keep in Mind while You Change Password for Yahoo Account?

  • Make sure that the changed password is strong. Strong password is not easily hacked or accessible by hackers; hence, it is safe.
  • New sign-in password needs to be updated on mobile apps. Apps don’t update automatically.
  • Change security questions, review your account settings and update contact info, such as alternate email address and phone number immediately if you are suspicious about your account being used by someone else.
  • Contact the Yahoo password recovery customer support team immediately if you come across something wrong or you fail to access to your account for, at least, 30 days. Remember that your account on Yahoo server might get deleted if it is not active or accessed during the 30-days period. Yahoo considers it as an unused or abandon ID. You further need to get in touch with the support team if your old password is hacked or is not working due to spamming.
Why You Need to Change Yahoo Mail Password?

You may opt for resetting or changing your Yahoo mail password when -

  • System displays invalid id & password message
  • The sign-in screen reloads again and again
  • Yahoo account got locked.
  • You are doubtful about your account being used by someone else.
  • You forgot your Yahoo mail password.
  • Access is denied even after using the right password.

We understand that this is kind of technical thing and not everyone is good at fixing such problems. In such case, you can avail our Yahoo support help. We offer round-the-clock tech support for Yahoo, no matter what queries you have regarding your Yahoo mail account our experts can certainly assist you resolving the errors effortlessly. Our procedure is safe and secure so your personal information remains undisclosed.

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